3 million $ for a Maserati 150 GT Spider fitting Borrani wire wheels
Scottsdale, 16–19 January 2013

3 million $ for a Maserati 150 GT Spider fitting Borrani wire wheels

Maserati has choosen Ruote Borrani for its 150 GT Spider, 1957.

The roadster is a prototype of a series of high-performance cars for gentlemen drivers, road races enthusiasts. It was equipped with Borrani RW2465 4.00x16 wire wheels designed with 72 spokes on a 32RS hub.

The Maserati 150 GT Spider, beside the a nice continental style, it has an extraordinary and fascinating history of its own, which makes this prototype so special.

The car had a three stage life: it was originally constructed as an A6GCS sports-racing car for circuits and campaigned with success at venues throughout the 1954 racing season.
It was then modified by Maserati to serve as the prototype of the Maserati 300 S race car.
After it was reconfigured into a A6G/2000 gearbox with the 250F Grand Prix-type brake and rebodied by Fantuzzi coachbuilder as a one-off prototype for mass-produced sport road cars. Due to the expensive costs it would have never been a feasible production car, so Maserati never did a line of 150 GTs, opting instead to build 3500 GT Touring.

The Maserati 150 GT Spider will be auctioned at Scottsdale in January 2013 with an estimate of 3-4 million dollars.

Ruote Borrani fits the most rare and expensive cars.

Aston Martin 007 SkyFall
November 2012

Auto Zürich Car Show

James Bond and Aston Martin, the only and indivisible paring, in which Borrani Wheels seals the adrenaline sequence, now part of everyone’s imagination: Goldfinger, the Borrani nut ripping off the antagonist wheels...

A connection that brings us to the present days with the latest James Bond film: Skyfall. Once again, Aston Martin DB5 is the protagonist and Borrani is always present.

Auto Zürich Car Show
Zurich, 8–11 November 2012

Auto Zürich Car Show

Wire Wheels & Cars Trading, the exclusive distributor of Ruote Borrani for Switzerland, attended the “Auto Zürich Car Show” in Zurich.

The exhibition was the perfect opportunity for Wire Wheels & Cars Trading to launch Ruote Borrani to the passionate and competent Swiss audience.

Auto Zürich Car Show Auto Zürich Car Show

Borrani displayed the entire modern wire wheel collection in a much visited booth in Hall 6. The S-Ray 17” completed a limited edition of the Abarth 500, bespoke painted in a wonderful metal orange shade with coordinated leather interior. This car found a customer the first day of exhibition.
A set of superb Borrani X-Ray 20” in polished finish gave the final touch to a Maserati GT.

Since the first hour, the Borrani spoke wheels captured the attention of visitors. The considerable flow to the stand shows that exclusivity and originality can make the difference in this competitive market.

Auto Zürich Car Show

This year the “Auto Zürich Car Show” has recorded a huge success with more than 60,000 visitors, 650 cars on display, 30 previews and a whole array of auto tuning, parts and accessories firms.

Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Padua, 25-28 October 2012

Auto e Moto d'Epoca

Ruote Borrani was among the protagonists of the 2012 “Vintage Cars and Motorcycles” trade fair of Padua.
The booth was one of the most visited of the exhibition, catalyzing from the early hours opening visitor's great attention and interest.
The fair of Padua has been for Ruote Borrani an opportunity for the global launch of the historic motorcycle rims, which marks the return of Ruote Borrani in a market that from its beginnings has appreciated and recognized the excellence and quality of the Borrani wired wheels.

The presence of two legendary cars enhanced Ruote Borrani booth: a Shelby Cobra MKIII and an Iso Grifo Targa.

Borrani for Shelby Cobra Mk III 427 SC

Borrani for Shelby Cobra Mk III 427 SC

Equipped with Ruote Borrani RW4074 - 7.50x15 in the front and RW4300 - 9.00x15 in the rear, Mr Carrol Shelby's creature is fast and poisonous as the snake that gives it the name: Cobra Mk III.
The unmistakable Guardsman Blue dress striped in Wimbledon White hide a pushrod V8, 7 litres engine capable of 410HP and 626Nm of torque at 2,800 rpm.

Exciting performance and inimitable style are granted by the Borrani spoke wheels, available at the time as aftermarket accessory. Driving pleasure is increased by the significant reduction in weight providing steering precision and reactiveness.

This precise and accurate Contemporary Classic Motorcars creation matches the quality, design and details of the original models, which in the sixties collected victories in each category.

Borrani on Iso Grifo Targa

Borrani on Iso Grifo Targa

Ruote Borrani equips with the RW 4100 an elegant Grand Tourer at the top for stylistic choices and performance: the Iso Grifo Targa by Iso Rivolta.

In 1963, Engineer Renzo Rivolta presents the Grifo prototype at the Turin Motor Show. He collects an unprecedented success, leading him to enter a production run.
The newborn must be compete with the best GT of the time in every detail. So when it comes to defining the supplier of wheels the choice can only fall on Borrani, who develops a dedicated design with aluminium alloy Record rim, 72 spokes and forged 42RC hub. The wheel will be available in 6 and 7" sections, always with 15" diameter.

During the testing phase came the idea of a roadster version, produced only in 1966 as Grifo S. It will be Carrozzeria Pavesi to propose a Targa version. Maintaining the B-pillar pillar of the coupé, the car features a removable roof in two pieces that could be stored in the trunk.

RA China Auto Salon
Shanghai, 5-7 October 2012

RA China Auto Salon

China opens its golden doors to Borrani.

Its presence in China marks the entrance of Ruote Borrani in a growing market, made of exclusive and selective products. The strategy confirms the company's project of internationalization and development in markets that record a grow trend.

Ruote Borrani took part of the RA CHINA AUTO SALON exhibition held in Shanghai from October 5 to 7. The stand represented by the local partner MISONG BRIDGE GMBH featured a selection of a range of Borrani S-RAY and X-RAY wire wheels models, respectively for Mini and Ferrari.

RA China Auto Salon

Great was the attention and the interest of the industry and the public. The stand was among the most visited since the first hours of opening.

The car exhibition, founded in 2006, is recognized as one of the most important in the country and has grown over the years to become the reference point for all manufacturers of components and accessories for the After Market market.

600 exhibitors from around the world represented more than 17 categories: tuning, accessory, body and more.

Borrani wire wheels fit the iconic Ford GT40 for sale at 2.5 million $
Monterey, 17–18 August 2012

Borrani wire wheels fit the iconic Ford GT40 for sale at 2.5 million $

When it comes to real icons, Borrani is definitely part of the game.

As such, the mid-engined package had to include all the best technologies then available. Unsurprisingly, Borrani was selected to supply the wheels. To ensure top precision and lightness, Borrani purposely designed the 72 spokes with heavy duty outers, type 42 Rcs solid centre-piece, triple laced, RW 3928 8,00x15 front and RW 3925 9.00x15 rear model that equip the unit now for sale.

This particular car was built in 1966, when the Gt40s took the first three places at Le Mans.
It will be auctioned at Monterey in August this year with an estimate of 2.3-2.7 million dollars. No doubt that the original, beautifully conserved Borranis contribute to the stunning valuation.

Concorso d'eleganza
Villa d'Este 2012
Como, 25-27 May 2012

Borrani with the masters of elegance

The 2012 Concorso will be remembered as one of the most exciting vintages of the recent years for the beauty and quality of the entrances. The Jury and the public awarded in total 29 prizes in the various classes. 14 of the winners were proudly wearing Borrani wheels!

Alfa Romeo 6C

The 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS 6th series bodied by Figoni (FR) is surely the star of the show, elected "Best in show" by the Jury and the public of the Concorso d'Eleganza di Villa d'Este and by the Sunday public referendum at Villa Erba.
The French streamlined body style of this "racing Alfa" from the 30's is naturally completed by the elegance, lightness and strength of the 60-spokes, Borrani RW4233 light alloy wheels.

Ferrari 250 Berlinetta

One of the five built by Zagato, and one of the only three Ferrari 250 Berlinetta with the double bubble: for sure an amazing piece winning the Class F at 2012 Villa D'Este Concours.
Note the Borrani wire wheel with a special finish: painted with the polished edge! This was an original "special order" requiring an additional 1.000 Lira to the final price back in the 50's.
As the Borrani tradition commands, super sports and race wheels are always finished with paint. In this case, the elegant polished touch is an extra point for this unique and desirable car!

Aston Martin DBR1

Ruote Borrani RW3362

Here is another icon of motorsports: the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1.
The fantastic British 2-seater won the 24 Hours of Le Mans that very year. The success was favored by the second generation Borrani race wheels for DBR1: the RW3362 design with a special reinforced rim and no dimples.
The wheel also features the machined solid centre-piece hub, the same used on the Ferrari Monza and Mondial 500, and the traditional polished rim edge.

Alvis 3L Graber

Like all the great Alvis bodied by the Swiss firm Graber, this 1962 TD21 features a set of specially dedicated Borrani wire wheels.
The RW3459 is a series "Record" with light alloy rim sized 4.50x15, with a 52 type hub on 60 spokes. The combination with the 3L Graber sports coupe is a perfect match of style and power, enough to get the Mention of honor in the Class H "Gentleman's sport cars".

Abarth 204A

This 1950 Abarth 204A 2-seater spider by Motto born from the house of Cisitalia looks like a smaller scale Grand Prix Cisitalia, with a little touch of Ferdinand Porsche with the adding of the torsion bars on the rear. Not to be forgotten, the legendary Tazio Nuvolari closed its staggering career driving a 204A, as usual equipped with Borrani RW 2951 3.50x15.


Ruote Borrani RW3775

The 1600SP is one of the last competition cars produced by OSCA. It is basically a sports-prototype using the twin-overhead camshaft 1600cc engine.
The innovative Kamm tail coupe with covered rear wheels was designed to enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Quite naturally the wheels were Borrani, in this case the RW3775, painted as for all race car designs.

Borrani wire wheels…
a Must for racing!
Monaco, 11-13 May 2012

Just two weeks before the Formula 1 GP, the 8th Historic Gran Prix of Monaco-Montecarlo took place on 11th to 13th May.

Borrani wheels were massively present, as it always happens in the most important track events. Action was divided in eight categories, allowing the public enjoy some of the most beautiful and powerful cars from the Monaco race of the past.

From pre-1953 GP cars and Formula 1, to the 80's Formula 3, all the way through the 50's, 60's and 70's sport and race cars, the majority of them featured Borrani wheels.

As special guest, the legendary Formula 1 racer Jacky Ickx offered a very rare opportunity of hearing the amazing sound of the Porsche-designed, 6-liter compressed V16 of the Auto Union Typ D.

Guess what made it run to victory in 1938? A set of Borrani wire wheels "Cerchi tipo DD", since christened "the wheels of Records".

Historic Gran Prix of Monaco-Montecarlo Program